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Charleys Kids Foundation To Gift Over $1 Million

Charleys Kids Foundation Supporting Kids Nationwide

In the largest donation amount in company history, Charleys Kids Foundation has announced it has distributed more than $1 million in grants since Jan. 2021 to help provide children with the necessary resources they need to grow, through education, food and mentorship programs. The Charleys Kids Foundation, spearheaded by Charleys Philly Steaks, is funded by the sale of Charleys combo meals, where for every combo meal purchased, 10 cents are donated to the fund. With Charleys experiencing record sales and growth, the foundation is able to help more children in need than ever.

Charleys Kids Foundation has spread more than $1 million in grants to upwards of 60 organizations throughout the U.S. In 2022 alone, grants issued benefited more than 60,000 youths in the country. In one instance, a grant to Asian American Community Services helped fund mentoring, homework assistance, and tutoring to Asian Americans in Ohio to overcome cultural and language barriers. With Charleys Philly Steaks only expected to see sustained, continued growth in the coming years, the brand is fully expecting the Charleys Kids Foundations to help even more children in need.

“Charleys’ combo meals are popular at all of our restaurants,” says Brian Hipsher, chief marketing officer for Charleys Philly Steaks. “As the number of Charleys Philly Steaks locations continues to increase, so will the amount available to nonprofit organizations through Charleys Kids.”

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Invest in a Franchise that Gives Back

At Charleys Philly Steaks, we believe giving back to the communities we serve is just as important as offering the best, high-quality menu possible. In Pomona, Calif., for example, the Charleys Kids Foundation was instrumental in providing funding to the nonprofit Bright Prospect, which works to increase college access and economic mobility in its community. Now, more than 2,700 high school and college students have an easier path toward a college degree. And at kidsPACK, Inc., a grant from the foundation helped fill the backpacks of food insecure children in Polk County, Florida with nutritious food for the weekends.

“Our sole mission is to feed kids,” said Amy Royal, kidsPACK, Inc., program manager. “The generosity from Charleys Kids for the past two years has been amazing.”

Charleys Philly Steaks is the perfect opportunity for franchise owners who want to do well in business, while at the same time honor their servant’s heart. Franchise owners are committed to our culture of giving back, and are even encouraged to lead the way on community service work they are passionate about. As a result, Charleys Philly Steak is truly unique in the QSR market and makes us stand out in communities everywhere as a brand that’s committed to being a good, contributing community member that also just so happens to serve up the best classic Philly steaks in the country.

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