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Smaller, Non-Traditional Areas Are Unique Franchise Opportunities

Franchises Come In All Different Shapes and Sizes

Franchising is not a one-size-fits-all model. Whether in its business plan, the services or products it offers, or the culture of a particular company, every franchise is truly different. Take a franchise system’s support network: some unique franchise opportunities offer comprehensive training and support platforms, giving franchisees the best chance for success and creating a family-like atmosphere, while others are more hands-off. What’s more, some franchisors offer a business model that has stood the test of time and continues to thrive, while others are still searching for that special recipe that makes a great company. As a result, it’s incumbent upon aspiring entrepreneurs to conduct due diligence that the company they are investing in is a best bet opportunity.

Which leads to the next point: franchisees, and their individual business, can vary wildly. For starters, franchisees come from all different backgrounds with all different kinds of experience. Some times in their field, other times not. Oftentimes, new business owners within the system have a multi-level franchise portfolio and are diversifying their revenue streams as well as product offerings. But just as common are aspiring entrepreneurs beginning their small business ownership journey. This is even more true since the pandemic caused so many people to rethink their careers and work-life balance.

Charleys franchise employees unique franchise opportunitiesWhat Are Non-Traditional Franchise Areas

So what’s a “Non-Traditional Franchise Area?” First, let’s start with defining a traditional franchise area. These are the typical franchise locations: standalone stores, or retail spaces in malls. Basically, any place you generally expect to find a franchise location. But oftentimes, these spaces are expensive when you take into account paying rent or building a space from scratch. As is usually the case, customers enter traditional areas when they are specifically seeking out a franchise and their products or services.

Now that we know what traditional spaces are, we can get into non-traditional spaces. These are smaller, less expensive spaces located in larger places, like mall food courts, stadiums/arenas, college campuses, and airports. Because these spaces are indeed smaller, they sometimes offer express products or services. And because the location is within a bigger complex, like a mall or airport, non-traditional franchises can capture a lot more customer traffic.

Do Non-Traditional Areas Measure Up To Traditional Areas?

Yes! Non-traditional areas can be just as profitable as a normal restaurant, as well as far easier and less expensive to operate. At Charleys Philly Steaks, we’ve mastered the business plan for these spaces. At military bases, for instance, the average gross sales in 2021 was $434,413, with our top performing franchises reporting more than $1.2 million in sales. In airports, the average gross sales were $783,060, with top performing franchises reporting $1.35 million in sales. At mall food courts, the average gross sales were $590,886, with top performing franchises reporting nearly $1.7 million in sales. In one of the most lucrative spaces – strip malls – the average gross sale was reported at $769,663, with top performing franchises hitting nearly $1.8 million in sales in 2021.

“The marketing, IT, development, and operations teams have been extremely busy creating the Charleys of the future. The results of that hard work are already showing,” says Brian Hipsher, chief marketing officer of Charleys Cheesesteaks. “Everything we do is focused on making our guests happy and ensuring the success of our franchisees. Now we have the data and systems to support our efforts to continually improve as we move into our next 35 years.”

Charleys Cheesesteak Franchises Thrive In Any Environment

No matter the environment, Charleys Philly Steaks is here for our customers. We offer quality, fresh, and affordable food that people love and keep coming back for. America’s love of cheesesteaks has never been higher, and Charleys Philly Steaks is there to satisfy their cravings.

Charleys Philly Steak franchises thrive because we offer a business model and backing support that works. Our team works tirelessly on the back-end, offering comprehensive support and training, coaching on running a franchise, endless marketing support and a strong business model that has helped so many franchises get started and run successful businesses. It’s why Charleys Philly Steaks has been opening an average of 60 locations annually the past few years.

“We exist to help our franchisees become successful in business. We want to help as many entrepreneurs as we can,” says Charley Shin, CEO, and founder of Charleys Philly Steaks. “This brand has never been more successful than it is today, and we’ve never been more excited about the future.”

Own A Charleys Philly Steak Franchise Today!

With a proven business model and a strategic plan for growth, Charleys Philly Steaks has become the No. 1 cheesesteak franchise in the world, and still has room to grow. Our goal is to reach 3,000 stores in the coming years, not to mention a landmark deal to open restaurants in the box giant Walmart. With a love for cheesesteaks never higher, and a franchise model that works, Charleys Philly Steaks has an incredibly bright future.

To learn more, visit our research pages here. If you’re ready to start a conversation with one of our franchise team members about bringing a Charleys Philly Steak franchise to your community, fill out our form here. We’ll be in touch with our Franchise Information Report. We can’t wait to hear from you!