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Charleys Philly Steaks Franchise is Building a Loyal Fanbase

Iconic cheesesteak franchise is focused on customer acquisition and keeping customers happy to drive franchise sales

Charleys franchise employees

What better sign is there of a successful business than offering a product that customers keep coming back for time and again? That’s exactly the case at Charleys Philly Steaks, where the executive team has built a loyal following.

When you join the Charleys franchise, you are buying into a brand that continually invests the time and resources to ensure customers are happy, and in turn, propel franchisees into successful careers.

Recently, QSR Magazine, the leading source of information for the $300 billion limited-service restaurant industry, highlighted the great lengths Charleys team goes through to make sure loyal fans keep coming back to its franchisees.

“Our guests were very clear that they were craving more steak and they wanted the timeless classic, Cheez Whiz™, on their cheesesteaks. So why not give our fans exactly what they are asking for!” Brian Hipsher, Chief Marketing Officer for the brand, told QSR. “The Old School Cheesesteak is one of the top-rated new items we have ever introduced.”

Thanks to the Charleys corporate team, franchisees benefit from innovation that creates more loyal guests, who in turn, bring their friends and family into the restaurant, further building the brand. How has Charleys Philly Steaks won millions of fans? By focusing on quality ingredients, like 100% USDA choice steak, implementing a simple menu and providing incredible customer service.

By investing in Charleys, franchisees rest assured the corporate team is also monitoring industry trends and adapting to meet customers’ needs and expectations. Recently, with a report showing more than 44 million people are expected to use third-party delivery services in 2020, which is expected to grow to 53 million people by 2023, Charleys added this option for its customers.

“We look at all the trends, and we know that more people are ordering food from their couches than ever before,” founder Charley Shin says. “We live in a Netflix culture now, and we’re evolving to stay ahead of what the customer wants.”

Charleys also offers promotions for loyal club members and app users through Charleys Rewards, which offers things like promotions and discounts off new menu items. Countless industry studies have shown the importance of customer loyalty, when a customer chooses one company’s products and services consistently over competitors. Rare Consulting, a consumer research think-tank, found that the brand loyalty of more than 80% of customers was a result of trust in services.

Charleys also makes it a point of emphasis to engage with customers on social media. Recently, the restaurant teased the launch of the limited time offering Old School Cheesesteak and Old School Gourmet Fries with an original song contest on social media channels.

“We’re in business to help our franchisees thrive in their restaurants,” Shin said. “We’ve worked hard to make our business model efficient, profitable and deliver a product and customer experience that leads to long-term growth.”

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