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Charleys Philly Steaks Franchise Review: Meet Daniel Yoo

Experienced entrepreneur invests in the iconic cheesesteak franchise as it expands into Walmart locations

Daniel Yoo comes from a long line of hard workers.

Back in the late 1970s, Yoo’s father started a small janitorial company and grew the business to become one of the largest minority-owned employers in the greater Houston area. Eventually, his father went off to start multiple other companies and franchises.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Yoo joined the family business, which went on to own several restaurants, such as Chick-fil-A and Panda Express, as well as a retail brand in the Houston and Dallas airport concession.

So once Yoo heard Charleys Philly Steaks landed a breakthrough deal to open in Walmart locations across the country, his entrepreneur feelers went off.

“Part of it was because of the familiarity with operating in a captive market,” Yoo says. “Charleys is giving Walmart customers some great options in not only providing high quality food, but also offering it at a great value.”

Yoo said Walmart is one of the highest trafficked businesses in the country. After speaking with Charleys Philly Steak’s leadership, Yoo was convinced the famous cheese steak shop was a good fit for the retail giant, especially after he learned the menu was tailored to the demographics of the average Walmart shopper.

“It was refreshing to hear how much thoughtful deliberation went into their decision about their partnership with Walmart and in creating offerings and pricing to match the market that they were going to be serving,” Yoo says. “After talking with the leadership and getting a better understanding of the brand values and culture, I knew we would be a great fit for the Charleys brand, in these Walmart locations.”

Now, Yoo plans to open six locations, three in the Houston Market and three in the Dallas Market, with his first store opening in November. First drawn to Charleys renowned emphasis on quality foods, Yoo said the brand also stands out as one of the industry leaders in providing customer service.

“From the moment your order is taken to when you receive a hot and fresh, made to order quality product, I gained an appreciation of how committed Charleys is to giving the customer a great experience every time,” he said.

An experienced entrepreneur, Yoo also said now is the right time for anyone hoping to own their own business to make the plunge. With the COVID-19 pandemic uprooting daily life, more people are placing a priority on a better work/life balance. And that’s exactly what Charleys Philly Steaks can offer.

“In the beginning, sure, it’ll be difficult and challenging at times, but the benefits of being an entrepreneur are incredible,” he said. “Essentially, you create your own hours, and you can achieve a financial autonomy by owning your own business that you wouldn’t have working for a corporation. We’re excited about the opportunity with Charleys and Walmart and looking forward to growing together in this new market.”

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