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QSR Magazine Calls Charleys Philly Steaks Franchise a “Thriving Brand”

GOSH Enterprises, parent company of iconic philly cheese steak franchise, named one of the 12 restaurant chains ready to grow in 2021 and beyond

Highlighted by QSR magazine as one of the 12 restaurant chains pursuing serious growth in the coming years, GOSH Enterprises expects most of that growth to come from Charleys Philly Steaks – GOSH’s flagship restaurant.

Charleys philly cheese steak franchise cheese steak “As the number of restaurants dwindles, thriving brands are putting plans in place to take advantage of the post-pandemic landscape by investing in robust growth strategies,” QSR reports.

As the largest cheesesteak franchise in the world, with over 600 locations open in the United States and across the globe, Charleys Philly Steaks is still innovating. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Charleys Philly Steak location is seeing record sales, with many franchise owners experiencing double-digit sales increases.

Now Charleys Philly Cheese Steaks franchise is entering a bright new era of growth by partnering with Walmart. The retail powerhouse announced plans to open 10 new Charleys Philly Steaks franchise locations in 2021, with the first store opening in Columbus, OH.

“Charleys’ value doesn’t necessarily come from low price points,” said Boyd Hoback, president of shared services for GOSH Enterprises, when discussing the initial collaboration with Walmart in QSR. “It comes from the quantity and quality of food you get for the price. We think this partnership works pretty well. There’s lots of opportunity there.”

To increase the profit-potential of franchise owners, Charleys Philly Steaks added wings to its iconic menu of authentic cheesesteaks – and the results have been phenomenal. Not only has Charleys Philly Steaks expanded its customer base, but it also has given our longtime fans a reason to be excited to return to us time and again.

“The 600-unit Charleys has roughly 50 out-of-mall stores – 29 of which have a wings menu – and it’s looking to more than double that total in 2021,” QSR reports.

If you’re looking for a QSR opportunity that stands out, investing in a Charleys Philly Cheese Steaks franchise is a wise choice.

To read the full article in QSR magazine, click here.

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